Tommy Godwin | Long Distance Legend

Most miles in a day:

241 miles – on 29th October

Least miles in a day:

0 miles – on 28th October

Monthly daily average:

207.45 miles per day

Monthly distance:

6,431 miles

Cumulative distance for year:

63,665 miles

Notable days:

• 26th October – Tommy triumphantly rides into Trafalgar Square; he his now the new holder of the cycling year record! A record which will remain his for all time.

• 28th October – Following 300 consecutive days of riding, Tommy has his first and only days rest. He can afford to relax; the year record has been beaten with two months to spare.

Latest News:

April 27, 2017

Peter Hambley, a lifelong racing and touring cyclist will attempt to ride from Newcastle-under-Lyme cenotaph to the RAF station at Cosford and back on Saturday the 3rd of June. A… Read more »

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