Tommy Godwin | Long Distance Legend

Most miles in a day:

241 miles – on 29th October

Least miles in a day:

0 miles – on 28th October

Monthly daily average:

207.45 miles per day

Monthly distance:

6,431 miles

Cumulative distance for year:

63,665 miles

Notable days:

• 26th October – Tommy triumphantly rides into Trafalgar Square; he his now the new holder of the cycling year record! A record which will remain his for all time.

• 28th October – Following 300 consecutive days of riding, Tommy has his first and only days rest. He can afford to relax; the year record has been beaten with two months to spare.

Latest News:

May 25, 2016

Marguerite was the outstanding talent of women’s cycling in 1930s Britain. ‘The Blond Bombshell from Bournemouth’, as she was dubbed by the press, held all the women’s distance records, including… Read more »

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